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Choose a Retaining Wall for Beauty and Function

Oct 2017

Choose a Retaining Wall for Beauty and Function

Retaining walls do more than just look great in your back yard. They can help you avoid problems like soil erosion or uneven landscape. If a home is built in a hill or valley, a retaining wall will hold back the earth from falling in on your home once the hillside has been dug out.

You might also add a retaining wall for its beauty. If you have a lot of rolling, sloping yard, a retaining wall will provide you with more usable land. You may want to build a walk-out basement, a patio, a playground, a garden, a tennis court, or a pool. If your land is uneven in any way, you can’t begin work until you level off the ground. You will then be left with a sort of cliff, where the part of the land that is not dug out is higher than the lower flat land.

Here are some things you need to remember when you are thinking of building a retaining wall:

A Strong Base for the Wall

The first and most important part is the wall’s base. Without a strong base, you can’t create a strong retaining wall. The base depends on how high the wall is going to be. The higher the wall the deeper in the ground the base must be. A strong base has at least a six inch layer of gravel and sand reinforcing it underground.

Backfill to Avoid Drainage Issues

The backfill is the second most important part to a strong retaining wall. This refers to the extra soil and filler that is placed behind the wall to create a drainage system. At least 12 inches of gravel and soil should be placed behind the wall to create a drainage system. Perforated pipe must be placed at the bottom of the wall for water to pass through Without piping, the wall could rupture as it acts as a dam during rainfall.

The Right Height

 The final step in the process of designing a retaining wall is the height. We usually recommend staying in the 3-4 foot range. This height provides adequate support and looks beautiful without being too high.

Adding a retaining wall can transform your yard is some many ways, from preventing soil erosion to bring depth and beauty to your yard.

If you’re interested in learning more, we can help. Call Black River Landscape Management today at 973-970-9073. We’ll help you build a retaining wall that looks great and keeps your property safe.

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