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Pruning is for the Pros

Jun 2015

Pruning is for the Pros

Summer officially begins June 21st and you are guaranteed to be planning some parties and get-togethers in your yard. An easy way to clean up the area and make your yard look fresh is by pruning your bushes, hedges, and trees.

Although it seems easy enough, a good pruning job requires the right tools, techniques, and timing. Our experts at Black River Landscape Management are all trained in correct pruning procedures. We can ensure your plants will grow healthily and beautifully, and can even influence flower production in some cases.

Trees and shrubs that bloom early in the growing season should be pruned immediately after they finish blooming. Some common flowering plants are azaleas, forsythias, lilacs, and spirea. Less flowery shrubs like barberries, burning bushes, dogwoods, honeysuckles, and sumacs should be pruned in the spring before too much growth has happened. If you haven’t pruned any of these plants yet, call Black River now!

Many people also have privacy hedges that they like maintained at a certain height. Pruning once in spring and once in mid to late summer keeps them attractive and healthy.

And what about your neglected and overgrown backyard shrubs? Black River Landscape can handle that too. Using a variety of shears, saws, and clippers we can bring your plants back down to a comfortable size for them to bloom safely and fully next year. It’s important to watch out for branches that are dead, overhanging sidewalks and parking areas, or interfering with utility wires. These are hazardous to not only the plant’s health, but your friends and family as well! Correct, regular pruning can direct growth away from buildings and power lines, and eliminate the need for emergency services later on.

Too often we hear about people’s dead bushes. We get many calls to replace brown and suffering plants. By pruning correctly, you save yourself the time, money, and aggravation of a dead plant. If we’ve recently installed young plants for you, be assured that our crew has pruned them to help encourage development of a strong structure.

As you can see, pruning is important for so many reasons beyond aesthetics. And pruning correctly is even more important if you don’t want to replace all your plant life every year. So if you don’t know about buds, branch collars, wound dressings, crowns, canopies, and suckers, then leave it to the professionals. Call Black River Landscape Management today to schedule a pruning at your home!


Just wanted to send you a note to compliment your company and its employees for outstanding service and a job well done.
Your crew arrived at my home on Wednesday, Aug. 9th to begin removing the old walkway and rock retaining wall. I was amazed at how quickly the removal process was completed without disturbing the surrounding area and lawn. I’ve never seen such an efficient crew that work very well together.
I can’t say enough good things about Yon, Dennis and Jonathan. They have excellent work ethics and have the skills to do a great job!!
I am completely satisfied with the work they performed and the extra finishing touches made the whole job standout as a “one of a kind” project.
My friends and neighbors have done nothing but compliment me on this beautiful walkway and retaining wall. A couple of my neighbors even asked Yon for a business card for possible jobs to be done on their properties. I hope they do call your office for a quote because I know they will not be disappointed.
Please pass along my compliments to your crew for a great experience.
I would be more than happy to talk to any potential customers to inform them of how good your company is and how satisfied I am with the work that was performed.
Best Regards,
H. Shinn
Stanhope, NJ
Aug. 17, 2017

-H. Shinn
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